Reclaiming Your Shamanic Roots

The Woman Rising Shamanic Practitioner Training Program

For Healers, Sacred Activists + Modern Medicine Women called to serve

The next program opens for registration in October 2019.

A calling is a deep pulse from Spirit

It is meant to be heard and acted upon so that you can live your service in the world

If you have heard the call to connect with the Web of Life and facilitate healing for others, the world needs your Medicine.

We need you to cultivate partnership with Spirit.

Your Helping Guides, Allies & Teachers hold infinite wisdom and are seeking to share this through you specifically.

We need you to stand as a bridge between the seen and unseen worlds. To support others to experience physical, emotional and spiritual relief and move out of suffering.

Reclaiming your Shamanic Roots invites you to learn a healing practice that works in a co-relationship with Helping Spirits to work on the spiritual side of illness and the patterns that create illness.

More and more people are seeking out medicine rooted in the Great Mystery, rooted in the Earth, and anchored in Trust to uncoil the layers of trauma they have been residing within.

The Woman Rising Shamanic Practitioner

Training Program

More than a program, this comprehensive journey
is for women who want to go deep.

Women excited to learn practical, tangible processes for Healing.
Women brave enough to do their own, inner work.
Women yearning for more intimacy with self, others, and Nature.
Women called to evolutionary edge of the Earth Priestess and Medicine Woman lineage: right here, right now.

Shamanism is not a belief system
but a way of living in relationship with all of life.

The word shaman comes from the Tungus tribe in Siberia, and it means spiritual healer, one who sees in the dark, or one that sees with their heart. Shamanism is the most ancient spiritual practice known to humankind and is still practiced in every continent.

Shamanism is part of every culture’s history, it may be called by a different name, but a spiritual practice that recognizes The Spirit That Lives In All Things — is a Shamanic practice. There is a part of “Shamanism” in each of our cultural heritage— it’s in our bone memory. (Can you feel the tug of knowing inside you?)

The name Shamanism is now a collective title, for a worldview and healing practice.

Shamanism’s worldview is a way of life, which is an intensely personal relationship to the Spirit that Lives in All Things, the Divine, Goddess, God, Nature, Source, Higher Self, Guides — all who help empower us, to maintain balance, and to teach us about Unity.

Shamanism is not a belief system but a way of living in relationship with all of life. A Shaman is a man or woman who interacts directly with the spirits to address the spiritual aspect of illness.

Shamanism is a way of life, it’s about your deep personal relationship with all Beings— seen and unseen. This relationship teaches you about: aspects of myself (as with-in so with-out as above, so below) and ways work in collaboration with my Helping Spirits for healing, balance and to be in right relationship with everything.

There’s nothing like facilitating true transformation.

Holding space as someone sets down the burdens they were carrying. Walking with them through the darkness, into true freedom.

In moments like this, we understand and embody our purpose. We live as a sacred flame of Love. And help everyone around us do the same … ushering in a new world of peace and Truth.

This is sacred activism. This is compassion in action. This is the magic I pray for you.

Become a gateway to true healing

through a unique integration of . . .

Shamanic Apprenticeship

Learn a clear, systematic method of Shamanic healing.
At once practical and deeply mystical, this training will help you:
  • Learn the ins and outs of Shamanic Journeying and meet your Healing Council (lower, middle and upper world)
  • Understand the Shamanic Perspective of Healing
  • Identify what is truly present for your client and have the tools to them support their movement forward
  • Use ritual as part of your healing tools
  • Trust the Unseen to be your Guide
  • Walk away ready to work with clients immediately

Counseling Training

Learn exceptional coaching skills so you can fully embody your role as healer.
  • Learn the fine art of questioning and listening between the lines
  • Crafting a Healing Story for your client
  • Hold space for others’ healing journeys
  • Skillfully express compassion without exhausting yourself by setting boundaries and practicing energetic protection (Body Protector practice)
  • Understand the timeline for client sessions

Personal Healing Odyssey

True healers must do their own, inner work. That’s why this training emphasizes
and deeply supports your personal transformation.
  • When you deepen into your experience with Journey
  • Work, any questions you have in your life have a space where they are able to get answered
  • Learn different healing practices like energetic clearing or working with Mugwort to assist your path
  • Release trauma imprints through Spirit healing
  • Heal trauma held in your body and claim your role as vibrant, healing Earth Priestess Medicine Woman.

Business/Mentorship Training

We want to help you build a sustainable, thriving business. That’s why you will learn to:
  • Bridge the practical and the mystical in your business by learning how to look to the unseen realms for direction and take action in smart, grounded ways
  • Learn how to build your clientele with people you love serving
  • Confidently put into words what you offer (and why it’s valuable) in a way that feels good to you and speaks directly to your audience
  • Honor the deep value you provide as a healer, so you can un-shame yourself around money and feel confident charging what you want
  • Understand the importance of making resonant, coherent business choices (so you don’t fall for “advice” that leads you astray)

About your mentor:

Damini Celebre

The Shamanic lineage that I share in this program is not from a specific culture, rather it is from the Shamanic lineage as a Whole. The root of all indigenous cultures (yours and mine) is a deep connection to the worlds surrounding them, the Web of Life, which includes: Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Animal, Bird, Rock; our ancestors, descendants; our helping and guardian spirits.

In this program, you will learn to “see with your heart,” explore ways to build your relationships with your trusted guides and teachers, so that you can craft a Shamanic practice that is unique to you — for both personal healing and the healing of others.

My primary training is in core shamanism, the brilliant work of Sandra Ingerman, and profoundly gifted ingenious practitioners. The gift that each teacher offered me were ways to deepen my own unique Shamanic practice.

For the past twenty-five years, I have practiced Subtle Energy Healing, Shamanism, and Five Element Acupuncture, maintaining a private healing practice in the Philadelphia area.

Drawing from my vast experience as an artist, healer, and educator, I wrote the book entitled Painting the Landscape of the Soul: A Journey of Self-Discovery. This book skillfully weaves my three passions: Shamanism, creative arts and healing arts into a unique and powerful approach for awakening the creative self.

Damini has been trained as an expressive art facilitator and is part of Sandra Ingerman’s Alliance of Shamanic teachers. Damini’s work comes from the heart and continues to be a shining example of the healing power of creativity. She is actively making and exhibiting her artwork and teaching workshops across the United States and online:

Our Practical and Mystical Curriculum

Reclaiming Your Roots begins with a hands-on
and experiential training beginning October 2019.

Shamanic Journeying

Learn a clear, systematic method of Shamanic healing.
At once practical and deeply mystical, this training will help you:
During our retreat, you will learn a powerful tool — the Shamanic Journey.

Using the technique of journeying, you will have a tool to bring back information and knowledge from the Spirit realms while building personal power through direct dialogue with your helping spirits. Using the Shamanic Journey you will learn to:

  • Learn the structure of the journey technique, using drum rattle, dance, and song
  • Explore the Upper, Middle and Lower Worlds
  • Connect with your Power Animal, Spirit guides and raise your energy and vibration.
  • Learn the Shamanic perspective of illness and healing and how to work with your compassionate spirits to learn self-healing techniques and healing techniques for others.
  • Understand how the Shamanic Journey can be used for EVERYTHING. Any questions that need sorting, any healing that needs repairing, any energetics that need to be released.

Partnership with the Web of Life

  • Exploring/Seeing your place in the Web of Life
  • Learning skills to put you in direct communication with the Web of Life

Meeting your Council

Power Animals, Teachers, Body Protector, True Self and how to deepen your relationship with them
  • Working with direct revelation to learn to ask for healing and guidance with your healing spirits
  • Learning to work with Your Helping Spirits and the Web of Life to read Omens and Divination

Shamanic perspective on illness, power-loss, and healing

  • Loss of Essence
  • Energetic clearing
  • Working with Intrusions and Depossession
  • * There may be added teachings depending on group

We will gather at Synergia Ranch outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

All details will be provided once you register.

You will immerse yourself in these Holy lands under the sun and star-filled Sky.
All meals included and are organic and gluten-free.

After our in-person retreat, we will meet for another 6 months online

We will gather twice per month for 2.5-hour virtual sessions
There will also be three follow-up Q & A virtual sessions.

Topics and Practices Covered During the Online 6 Months*:

  • Working with Mugwort to remove congested energy, and to resolve blocks in the meridian system
  • Womb Clearing
  • Healing with Spiritual Light
  • Clearing and Healing Land
  • Communing more deeply with your Guide and Teacher
  • Making healing Talismans for your clients and your self
  • Sacred Elements of ritual
  • Healing with your Helping Spirits to personally learn healing techniques tailored for your clients and community
  • Ethics and protocols for practicing Shamanism
  • *There may be added teachings depending on group

Heal others. Transform yourself. Connect with Spirit. Share your gifts. Answer your calling.

A bit more about what sets this program apart …

An exceptionally rich Sisterhood

Because of the intimate size of this group and the depth to which you will be exploring, the 11-12 other women will become true Allies and Sisters, witnessing and supporting you. And you will offer that in turn to them as well.

I am deeply invested in your success. As a Sister and as a practitioner

You’ll get more than a training — you’ll get a mentor. Damini is one of the most extraordinary practitioners you will meet. She is absolutely real and present. She lives the Shamanic Path. She is here to assist you, reflect your light, and also make sure that you stay safe and protected throughout the training.

A hybrid virtual-and-live format

You get the best of both worlds: online and in-the-flesh. We begin in-person, spending our days learning shamanic tools and practices that are made even more powerful because they are done in an intimate, group setting. And then we finish the training online for 6 months and you will experience that there is not time and space and Shamanism can be taught, understood, and deeply experienced through the internet

Experience for yourself the power of Shamanic Counseling & Healing

During the retreat, there will be time to receive sessions from other students or even from Damini as a demo. Sessions may include: power animal retrieval, plant ally messages, messages from Spirit, AE sessions, Loss of Essence or Workign with Intrusions and Depossessions. And of course throughout the entirety of the program, you will be invited to do personal healing as well as continue to receive from other women on the journey with you.

This comprehensive program includes everything you need
to claim your Shamanic Path and support yourself and others.

What’s Included

  • A 6 day in-person retreat in New Mexico (meals and lodging included)
  • A robust 6 month curriculum of online content. Two calls per month for 2.5 hours.
  • Earth Ceremony and Ritual to deepen your relationship with your Spirit Guides and Teachers
  • The intimacy of a small group so that you are seen and receive lots of 1:1 support
  • A solid, lively Sisterhood in our Private Facebook Group

Who is this Program Ideal For?

  • Women who are new to Shamanism and those who would like to spark their existing connection.
  • Women offering healing in other modalities — massage therapy, herbalism, acupuncture, midwifery, therapy, etc. — who want additional tools for their Medicine Basket
  • Women who have a yearning to “see” the unseen
  • Women who have experienced their own healing journey and KNOW that the emotional and spiritual realms are part of physical healing
  • Lovers of the depths and women who are devoted to doing their own emotional healing work

How to Apply

This intimate training is limited to 13 women.
This is how we can ensure it is dynamic and truly life-changing for every single participant.

Tuition: $3200

Payment plans are available, if needed.
This is more than a program.
It’s a reclaiming.
If you’re feeling called to this program and are ready to step up and invest your time, money, and energy in answering this call … please take the first step by filling out a brief application.

Once we review it, we will schedule a time to speak with one of us personally (either Ameya or Damini), so we can answer all of your questions and get you enrolled.

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