2022 Program and Trainings Calendar

Each of our Programs and Trainings are Sacred Gateways & Thresholds of Remembrances.

They are steeped in mystical and practical wisdom that will support your Service in the world
and the reclaiming of Self.

They create partnership between you and Mother Earth.

They support your knowing that you are of the Cosmos.

They serve to awaken these Living Paths.

They open doorways for you to live your Embodied Essence.


As Living Paths, they are more than educational courses. They serve to anchor in wisdom, spiritual activations and remembrances, and support you to thrive in your Activism.

Priestesses of the Rose

March 12 2022 โ€“ March 14 2023

The Rose Priestess Lineage is of ancient origin and can be traced all the way to Venus.

The Sophianic Mysteries of the Celestial Rose are awakening now in our innermost sanctums, re-activating the Divine Blueprint of Humanity all across the world. Throughout the entirety of this Year and a Day Spiral, you will be journeyed through the Wheel of the Year and 8 Rosa Mystica Guides to lead you to your most embodied essential Self, to serve your Destiny and the Good of All.

This Priestess Path is online and also has options for in-person Journeys.

Woman Rising Flower Essence
Certification Program

Spring 2022

Flower Essences are one of the most powerful emerging modalities to repair and heal Trauma.

In our 7th Year, the Woman Rising Flower Essence Practitioner Training Program will bring you into deep Communion with Plants and Trees, while teaching you the profundity of working with clients to repair wounds and traumas from the past that are affecting their life now. During the program, you will also be invited to deepen your own healing journey. This program will transform your own life and offer you tools to do the same for others.

This program runs for 6 months.

By Application.

Priestesses of the Moon

Summer of 2020

Priestesses of the Moon is a re-education into the living Wisdom of the Moon.

During our 8 weeks together, you will journey through the 4 main Lunar phases twice, embodying her sacred medicine, archetypes, and energies.

Priestesses of the Moon teaches mystical, practical and tangible information and also creates an embodied experience of transformation.

In sacred space with the Moon as your Guide, you will dive into Womb Wisdom and Lunar Mysteries, applying them into your daily life.

Avalon Priestess Pilgrimage

July 2022

Details Coming Soon

Join us in the summer for a Homecoming to Avalon, the Isle of the Apples and the Enchanted Lands that hold mythic tales and the Triple Flame of Love.

Avalon holds keys and codings that will awaken you to the depths of your Soulโ€™s journey at this time.

Our time will be spent in deep contemplation walking the lands that holds great gifts and mysteries and communing in ritual space with our Sisters.

Flower Essence Alchemy

An Introduction to Sacred Plant Medicine

This educational, experiential and interactive 4-week Self Study journey is designed toย deepen your understanding ofย the profundity of Flower Essence Therapy, shed the armor around your heart, create a partnership with the plants and trees, and blossom as a woman surrounded by your Sisters.

Enrollment is ongoing.

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