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In this age of technology, it can be overwhelming to find information that is deeply rooted in Earth Wisdom and Moon Mysteries… and accurate.

An intention at the Woman Rising Mystery School is to offer practical
information that you easily bring into your Daily life.

Below you will find FREE pdfs and audios that we hope support you.


Working for Racial Justice is a foundational aspect to dismantling systems and structures that perpetuate separation, domination, and white privilege.
We have curated a listing of Resources that honors Black People while educating White Womxn on White Supremacy.
There are many incredible resources and please know that this is an ongoing and ever-evolving listing.
We hope that these sharings offer openings for all.

Embodying The Sacred Feminine

Downloadable Audio

2 Daily Embodiment and Meditation Practices to reconnect with your Feminine Wisdom & Power

Listen as you walk, meditate, or enjoy your movement practice.  Spend time as you drop into your body and sense the entirety of who you are in your cells, bones, tissues, wombspace, heart, and mind.

Stabilizing and Clearing your Energetic Field

Downloadable Audio

This Guided Journey will support you to cleanse your energetic field.

You will be led through a potent practice that you can use daily or weekly to move stuck emotions or energies, therefore freeing yourself and expanding your own emotional capacity.

The Wheel of the Year Ritual Guide + 2024 Exact Astrological High Holy Day Dates


The Wheel of the Year is a Spiral Calendar that will journey you through the Solar Mysteries and Gaia’s Rhythms.

The Wheel consists of 8 Holy Days and festivals that celebrate
the shift of seasons and currents.

Download the dates for each High Holy Day + understand the currents of these astrological portals where insights, activations, and embodied understandings are more available to you.

Flower Essences for Womxn’s Health


There are common emotional patterns and limiting beliefs that you carry and through which you base your daily choices upon. When these are left unprocessed, they create internal judgement and thoughts that create less than desirable outer circumstances.

Flower Essences offer an avenue through which your wounds and traumas from the past begin to be tended to and ultimately heal.

Design your Life with the Wisdom of the Moon


Create your life in alignment to your innate rhythm and flow.

Let the Moon guide you. Let her inform you in your energy, your creativity, your sexuality, and your emotions. Rather than spending everyday pushing and ending up burnt out and exhausted, unfulfilled, and depressed, allow the Moon to remind you of your True Rhythms alive inside of you.

Guide to Invoking Elementals in Ritual


Calling in the seven directions/elementals is an integral part of grounding so that the container (circle, project, event, ritual, etc) is set with sacred devotion and energies.

When you Call in these energies, you are asking for support and guidance, knowing that the Unseen Realms (or Spirit) are really the energies that are informing the space, including the healing and transformation that will take place. These energies act as Guardians to anchor whatever it is that you are ritualizing.

Flower Essences for Healing the Mother Wound


Your relationship with your Mother is complex.

She is your first significant Love. And she is the one whom you have been woven into being through. And yet, through life, there is so much hurt and pain that gets created in and through this relationship.

It is a deep longing to want your relationship with your Mother to be better. And Flower Essences can be intrinsic to the repair and healing of this foundational relationship. They offer unique and tender ways to work with anger, betrayal, hurt, and grief so that you are no longer bound to the past and can come to a place of peace.

Learn about Flower Essences for Healing the Mother Wound

Flower Essence



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