ullasita Rose Devi

Ameya has been one of the most inspirational and life-changing mirrors & influences in my life’s healing journey. I spent years in search of healing and also circling through the cyclical nature of my patterns, leaving me in a state of unclarity, hopelessness and deep suffering. 

When I found Ameya’s Flower Essence Practitioner Program, I had no idea how much this program would influence and change my life and benefit the lives of so many beautiful women & men that I am now blessed to serve in my career of sharing Flower Essence Therapy. The Flower Essences where the medicine that my soul was longing for and looking for for so many years.  They allowed me to finally arrive and land back into my body fully for the first time in this life. 

Every offering of Ameya’s has been transformational to my soul’s healing. Words will never be able to touch into the profound gratitude I hold in every cell, every molecule, every tissue and every layer of my body for the deep blessings that Ameya has bestowed upon my being & life.

Ullasita Rose Devi


Ameya has created a truly sacred container for women to deepen into and remember their authentic essence.  In my Woman Rising Flower Essence Practitioner Training and Priestesses of the Rose Spiral, I felt truly held, seen, and empowered as I peeled layers away that were standing in the way of me fully embodying my divinity and acting as the channel and conduit I knew myself to be deep down.  

These teachings weren’t necessarily “teachings” in the traditional sense, but rather codes to help me reactivate the living wisdom that was already within my cells.  The program acted as a catalyst for deep awakening in my life on many levels and I am beyond privileged and humbled to share this wisdom with my clients in my practice.  Thank you, Ameya, for creating magical containers for women everywhere.

Devon Battaglia, MS, NC, RYT

D25643CB-FE66-4EF6-BC26-B08FBB8DEE31 - Shona Jones-Banfield

Working with Ameya has been a series life changing experiences. Her offerings are beautifully curated where she imparts profound wisdom of the divine feminine, our connection to nature and deep practices. The beauty of Ameya lies in her kindness, compassion and connection to spirit. She lives in service to empowering women.

One of Ameya’s greatest gifts is her ability to create and hold sacred space. Never before have I felt so completely held, supported and nurtured. Working with Ameya, I am seen and cared for. Being in circle with Ameya is a gift you give yourself. I am forever grateful her presence in my life.

Shona Jones-Banfield


Ameya is a true embodiment of a divine feminine leader for women seeking to heal and reclaim more of their whole selves. She is an incredibly generous and intuitive mentor with a wisdom that reaches into times long gone.

I have been blessed to have journeyed with Ameya on a pilgrimage to Mount Shasta, studied with the Woman Rising Flower Essence Practitioner Training Program, journeyed through her Red Ray Priestess Spirals, and pilgrimaged to Avalon.

Over this time that I have been nurtured and guided by this beautiful medicine woman my entire being and world has radically shifted. Ameya has an amazing amount of knowledge in Earth wisdom and the Great Mysteries and she eloquently brings it all together and shares it in a loving and grounded way to support women as they walk their own path of remembrance.

I have a huge amount of respect for Ameya and the work she is bringing forward. I feel very blessed to be a student of hers, and to continually receive her love, wisdom and guidance on my journey.

Jo Bell Cummings

jenn bradsaw almond

Ameya has been the most loving, caring and supportive teacher that I have had on my healing journey. She is so real and open and because of that she has a monumental ability to support women.  My work with her began as a flower essence student.  I was on my way to learning the depths of my own capabilities but it wasn’t until Ameya’s program, understanding of where I was and her ability to go deep into the roots of the matter – that I really began to feel that I was truly worthy to be here and that it was ok to embrace my full power. 

My wounds of abandonment and betrayal ran deep within me.  The fact that Ameya has a vast knowledge and experience in sisterhood helped me to trust and discern with others once again.  I have had the pleasure of expanding my own knowledge from the flower essences, to the gem essences, a pilgrimage to Mount Shasta to integrate my learnings and to go even deeper into my capabilities with Shamanic Training all through Ameya’s creative and amazing talents.

Jenn Almond Bradshaw


I have had the great honor to know Ameya as a friend and colleague for 12 years. Ameya is well steeped and embodied in her teachings. I have long admired the very natural way that she lives in deep relationship with plants and the larger web of life on earth. 

She moves, breathes and weaves the great mysteries of the feminine. As a teacher and mentor she is intuitive, insightful and holds the exquisite alchemies of gentle and fierce and precision and flow. Ameya is also a social artist and visionary co-creating the thriving future here and now.  Most of all she is as real as it gets firmly grounded in the earth and always ready to meet you in the heart.

Lara Catone


Ameya is a golden light to me and so many women. Her warm heart, generous smile, and loving soul are a gift right there. Then add to that, her passionate commitment to women’s empowerment and well-being. Ameya has a wisdom that passes back through the ages. She is such a light soul bringing forth the wisdom and ways of the Feminine from ancient times. You’ve got a woman who is a full-on way-shower for the Feminine. Ameya has such a sincere and loving presence that any woman who works with her will be greatly benefited not only from her immense knowledge and wisdom, but from her very presence. I fully support Ameya’s work in the world and highly recommend working with her.

Tabby Biddle

Christina Dunbar

Ameya is a totally tuned-in healer.
Tuned into nature.
Tuned into soul.
Tuned into woman.
Tuned into wisdom.

She is an offering of love to a parched heart and her spirit will nourish yours deeply. There is an ancient knowing inside her. And a magic that will bring you home.

Christina Dunbar

jana carrey

Ameya’s Flower Essence Practitioner Training arrived into my life with Angelic Wings and as a Prayer Answered. Ameya is truly a beautiful mentor of walking in integrity as an empowered and embodied woman in this world. Before her course I had been praying for a way to truly help women heal their “womb wounds” and to become more fully embodied.

I knew there was a piece missing in my intuitive channeling + energy healing business and what I was offering my clients. My own spirit guides had been telling me “to start with Flower Essences” and within weeks – through some profound synchronicities – I was enrolled in this program.

This program provided a necessary grounding component to what I offer my clients. Throughout this course, my deep passion for the plants and my love of working hand in hand, heart and heart, with Mother Earth was reawakened in a HUGE WAY.

I was able to heal deep wounds and to learn to really OWN my boundaries with deep respect for myself and my body. Working hand in hand with this potent form of botanical + plant spirit medicine, I feel more empowered in both my business and in my own life. I cannot recommend this course enough. Thank you Ameya for offering this to the world.

Jana Carrey

lizzie rae rose

Going into the Flower Essence Practitioner Program, I was looking to help people heal themselves. I didn’t realize I would come out so dramatically transformed myself.

I’ve doubled my business income.
I’ve established strong, healthy boundaries.
I’ve stepped out of subconscious roles I did not know I was playing.
And I’ve transformed in subtler ways too…I feel more confident as a practitioner. I have fewer care-taking tendencies. I’m better at moving with the flow. 

As I move forward with creating a family, I also feel more confident in my ability to care for myself during pregnancy and motherhood. And this is just the beginning! I cannot wait to continue using flower essences for the rest of my life.

Lizzie Rae Rose

Stephanie Davis

After taking the Flower Essence Apprenticeship with Ameya everything has shifted, for the best! I had multiple modalities to offer my clients but felt as though something was missing. When I began my healing journey with this dynamic group of women literally my healing propelled forward and took me places I didn’t know existed within me.

In fact, I will share that this program saved my life. I was safe enough and supported enough to do shadow work that I tried to push away and dull my own inner pain with alcohol. I know that if it wasn’t for the flower spirit medicine I was well on my way to having alcohol control my life instead of following my authentic truth and allowing my soul begin to shine.

Stephanie Davis


You have found your way to a beacon of light in Ameya. I feel honored and blessed to have had the opportunity to weave and walk the Ancient Mystic Ways with her and refer friends, sisters, colleagues and modern mystics to her every chance that I get.

I cannot say enough about how gifted and generous of spirit she is. If your heart hears the call to step into her realm – please do so without hesitation. Your world will be forever changed for the highest. Deep bow of gratitude.

Lindsay Pera


Ameya is one of the most potent healers and creators of space that I have ever been “held” by. She is unconditionally accepting of however you show up, she is open and her heart is vast. She was supportive to all levels of my being as I moved through some powerful shifts in her presence.

Not once feeling judged or misunderstood. Her strength and softness are in perfect harmony creating a supportive pathway into the self. Her connection to our Earth Mamma is inspirational! She can hear the whispers and shares the heartbeat of Mamma through her words, her shamanic journeys, her blessings, her flower essences and her presence. My heart could never truly express in words the magnitude of what she has shared with me. I am forever grateful for her gifts.

Karla Muzyka


Ameya’s course provides a deep and nurturing entrance into the sacred work of healing through the support of flower essences.  The course is excellent because of her expertise and passion, her inclusion of private consultations with each student, and the breadth of the curriculum.  After training with Joanne Ameya, I feel empowered on my own path and ready to share the healing power of flower essences with clients. 

I strongly recommend the course to anyone who wishes to support healing for people via an approach that works in harmony with nature.

Chara Armon, Ph.D

lauren awerdick

The Woman Rising Sisterhood is such a rich thriving community that I feel truly grateful, honored, and ecstatic to be a part of. Ameya is fierce, compassionate, and full of integrity to say the least.

I joined the Flower Essence Practitioner Training and Collective because I was wanting to deepen my understanding and interaction with plant wisdom and medicine.  Specifically I wanted a deep support of preparing blended formulations for cleints. What I got was that and so much more….. a deep and profound experience within the aspects of my self from perspectives, depths, and support that I hadn’t reached prior to this program. 

Her course work was a beautiful mix of information, experience, integration, presence, and community.  Her ability to hear and see you and meet you in a moment to shed light, offer a question for further inquiry within, and sprinkle seeds of love and wisdom to be received has been a breath of fresh air and so deeply appreciated. 

If you are looking for and to embody “the more” within you, Ameya holds a beautiful, powerful, sacred, safe space for you to dive in and do the work in supported way.

Lauren Awerdick


Working with Ameya always awakens a sense of angelic safety. Whether I hear her voice or see her in person, she has the rare ability to be both angelic and grounded.

She is a fully present woman who truly listens and wishes to help her sisters. When I talk to her about any issues I have, I feel the safety to be vulnerable & authentic, she is someone I completely trust.

I feel that she truly channels the medicine of the flower queendom & she truly is a Priestess vessel for the Goddess. She’s been the most magnificent guide and mentor as I journeyed through the Moon Temple Facilitator Training & Priestesses of the Rose. I am so honored to get to work with such a Goddess.

Sofia Bonilla

stephanie borcea

Being within the cushion of Ameya’s powerful facilitation and guidance is beautiful, nurturing, and inspiring. She is one of the most compassionate and unconditionally loving people I have met. The magic within each woman is magnified through her empowerment.

While on retreat with her, not only was she able to create and hold space with care and consideration for each woman, but the one-on-one time I had with her was extremely powerful.

I felt heard, cared for, and enveloped in love and compassion. She validated everything I said and made me feel brave for stepping into deep shadows with her.

Stephanie Borcea


Ameya is an exceptional mentor and teacher of mine. I have thoroughly enjoyed taking both online and in person courses in mentorship and trainings with her. I’ve always found the facilitation extraordinary. One truly feels held, guided, and nurtured in order to reach the optimal outcome and deepen within your knowledge of wisdom in the womanly arts. 

Ameya shares deeply from her own embodied experience. She has truly walked the path of inner self-inquiry and personal growth. She is also a sought after and inspiring flower essence practitioner that I admire.

You never fall short from learning abundantly from her. She’s also a loving sister and supports other women to reach their goals by carrying the torch forward in serving women, and that’s what I love about being in her network of women. As a healthcare practitioner and educator I truly value her deep rooted knowledge, professionalism, and care.

Dr. Kathia Roberts, PhD. ND. D.Phyt.

Heather Thompson

Magic, magic, magic…working with Ameya is quite simply magic. She will hold an honest mirror up reflecting your truth back to you. Beyond skilled in flower essence crafting, shamanism and feminine empowerment; she is able to translate her gifts into being the most supportive teacher and healer. If you feel called to work with Ameya, please gift this to yourself, your life will change for the better.

Heather Thompson

We are delighted to sit in circle with you and walk as Womxn Rising.

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