Private Mentorship and Healing Sessions

With Experienced Flower Essence Certified Practitioners


Ullasita Rose Devi

Ullasita Works with Clients Both Online and In Person
Based in Norman, OK

Areas of Expertise: Women’s Health, Yoga, Ayurveda, Metaphysical Psychology

Ullasita Rose Devi is the founder of Spirit of the Rose. She is an Ordained Reverend of the Metaphysical Ministry, B.Msc., a certified E-RYT 500 hr Yoga Teacher, Woman Rising Certified Flower Essence Therapist, Goddess Rising Moon Temple Facilitator, Reiki Practitioner & a Licensed Holistic Health Practitioner certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

She has over 20 years of experience in teaching yoga & in the healing arts. Expressing the anatomy of the soul through her various offerings she strives to live her life in service as devotion. As an interdisciplinary yogini and modern day medicine woman she is honored to share the wisdom transmissions that she has received as a mirror to others healing & transformation. She is the inspiration & founder of Spirit of the Rose Healing Center where she offers Holistic Spiritual Therapy for the Mind, Body and Soul both in person and online around the world. Ullasita continues to weave in the ancient traditions of her lineages into her constantly evolving offerings and expanding her knowledge through her commitment to her own daily personal rituals & practices. She is also currently studying at Hale Pule School of Yoga and Ayurveda to receive her Ayurvedic Health Counselors License.

D25643CB-FE66-4EF6-BC26-B08FBB8DEE31 - Shona Jones-Banfield

Shona Jones-Banfield

Shona Works with Clients Online
Based in Floral Park, NY

Areas of Expertise: Women’s Health

Flower essences have changed my life in profound ways, shedding light on limiting beliefs which kept me stuck in patterns that did not serve my soul’s purpose. Flower essences are incredibly supportive in creating shifts in our mental, emotional and spiritual way of being. Combined with other energetic modalities, they have and continue to bring my to closer to my truest self. The plants called me to this work and I have so much gratitude for their medicine. I am honored to be a Women Rising Certified Flower Essence Practitioner. My vision is to support women on their journey of self-discovery and brining then into remembrance of their truest self. So that, they may live from a place in which their thoughts, words and actions are aligned with their personal truth.

Jo Bell Cummings

Jo Bell Cummings

Jo Works with Clients Both Online and In Person
Based in Port Lincoln, SA, Australia

Areas of Expertise: Women’s Mysteries and Right of Passage, Conception through Post-Partum, Women’s Emotional Health and Wellbeing, Women’s Empowerment, Earth Based Wisdom and Ritual.

Jo is the founder of Women of Cedar and she is devoted to awakening the Feminine. She is a Flower Essence Therapist and Ceremonialist and is passionate about empowering and supporting women to reconnect to their heart’s truth, to realign with their internal compass and to embody their Soul’s essence.  

Jo combines a unique fusion of Priestess and Shamanic Practices into her work to support women who are walking the path of remembrance. She helps women weave the sacred into their everyday lives. Jo will hold the lantern high for those who are ready to create powerful transformations in their lives and reclaim their ancient feminine wisdom and inner power.  

Jo seeks to offer women an embodied experience of how deeply connected we are to the Earth and her changing cycles and seasons. 

IMG_3675 - Danielle Seidenglanz

Danielle DeJoie

Danielle Works with Clients Both Online and In Person
Based in Los Angeles, CA

Areas of Expertise: Women’s Health, Children

I believe wellness is a conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving full potential. As a flower essence practitioner and wellness coach, I support clients on their journeys and offer tools and guidance to assist in this process. Flower essences are my favorite modality and I love witnessing a client bloom. Other modalities I incorporate are holistic nutrition, herbal medicine, and various spiritual practices.


Karuna Nicole

Karuna Works with Clients Both Online and In Person
Based in Union Mills, NC

Areas of Expertise: Women’s Health, Children, Animals, Level 2 hands on work

I felt called to the plants and decided to take the Woman Rising Practitioner Course in 2015. These incredible medicines have changed my life. They are an invaluable support in conjunction with all other healing modalities. I have had profound results in changing long standing patterns that I felt “stuck” around and I feel honored to be a Woman Rising Certified Flower and Gem Essence practitioner and to be in the position to now help facilitate improved health, wellness and wellbeing for my friends, family and growing client base.

FB_IMG_1589749469142 - Elicia Drake

Elicia Drake

Elicia Works with Clients In Person
Based in Loveland, CO.

Areas of Expertise: Women’s health/wellness/transformation, Families, Teens, Shadow Work, Awakening the Divine Feminine, Finding your Purpose and Path.

I am a healer, a mystic, a mother, a lover of the Earth.  My greatest passion is serving as a conduit for others on their journey to healing and transformation.  I am a Flower Essence Practitioner, Certified Herbalist, Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, Intuitive Healer, Meditation and Mindfulness practitioner, and Medicine Woman. Currently pursuing a Masters in Ecopsychology. I would love to assist you in any and every way on your journey to wholeness. 

DSC_4939-2 - Erin G

Erin Garden

Erin Works with Clients Online

Manitoba, Canada

Areas of Expertise: Trauma, Chronic Illness Support, Maiden to Mother Transition, Postpartum, Supporting Spiritual Workers, Priestesses, Light/Shadow workers, Witches, etc.

I am a Flower Essence Practitioner, creatrix of Wild Garden Essences, and a photographer. I’m also trained as a doula, Priestess, attuned in reiki, am a Spirit Junkie Masterclass alumna, student of herbalism, and most recently have been on a learning journey of the maiden to mother archetype. 

I am devoted to honouring the Earth and the elementals in every step of my work.  

I support women through transitions of life, health struggles, unhealed childhood trauma, reconnecting to their souls dream and their own confidence, creating boundaries and so much more. I also enjoy supporting other spiritual workers with essences to protect and enhance their energy and work. My own life experience with trauma, chronic illness, and more has lead me to have a deep understanding of many of my clients challenges.

I love collecting and creating essences dearly. Being hands on, heart to heart, soul to soul with Gaia and the elements is like nothing else. Supporting others in creating this connection with Nature through all of my work is a blessing. 

9D5985E1-EB88-4646-87E9-14DFBDB506D1 - Christine Rose

Christine Rose

Christine Works with Clients Online

Port Angeles. Washington

Areas of Expertise: Pediatrics, energy healing 

I am a pediatrician and energy medicine practitioner. I am an advanced practitioner of Eden Energy Medicine and incorporate a variety of  other modalities including entity  clearing, regressions and soul healing. I love the magic of flower essences for touching wounds and emotional challenges that are difficult  to access in other ways. I work with both adults and children in my flower essence and energy practice.  

DSC01305 (1) - Patricia Ramirez

Patricia Ramirez

Patricia Works with Clients Online and In Person

Astoria, New York

Areas of Expertise: Teen Girls, Young Adult Women, Yoga Psychology, Women’s Emotional Wellness, Transpersonal Coaching, Anxiety Support 

Patricia is the founder of “Alchemy Drops Wellness,” which focuses on supporting the psycho-emotional and spiritual wellbeing of teen girls and young adult women with the help of Flower Essence Therapy and life coaching. In seeing how powerful Flower Essences has been in Patricia’s own journey in developing herself as a grounded, empowered, and purposeful woman, she wants to support fellow young women to connect with their natural essence and truth through the beautiful healing modality of Flower Essence Therapy. She also offers life coaching sessions to provide consistent support to young women with their goal setting and psycho-emotional wellbeing as they progress on their flower essence journey. Patricia’s Educational Background: B.A in Psychology; 500 HR RYT (yoga teacher) since 2016; Certified Psychosynthesis Life Coach; Certified Teen Wisdom Life Coach; Licensed Chakradance Facilitator; Certified Flower Essence Therapist; trained in Abhyanga Massage; trained in Yoga Psychology. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine (Acupuncture + Herbal Studies) in NYC.

IMG_0706 - Alexandria Sciarappa

Alexandria Sciarappa

Alexandria Works with Clients Online and In Person

Orange County, California

Inspiring women to unfold into Beauty, Pleasure and Unbridled Abundance.

I am a flower essence practitioner who resides in California. Amongst the sun and sea ~ Weaving and dancing in the flower realms ~ As a homeschooling mama to two littles I spend most of my day reading fairy tales, painting, bird watching and alchemizing all the energies that come with mama priestessing all day. Before I became a homeschooling mama I was a disability specialist and assistant director of student disability services at University of San Francisco and hold a Master’s Degree in Counseling from Boston College. Married to my college sweetheart and soulmate we love having beach adventures together paired with yummy beautiful food. I am a dreamer, wildly romantic and an eternal optimist ~ my joy is offering vibrational flower recipes for a beautiful life! My Philosophy: It is your birthright to a joyful life full of wild abundance, beauty, and awe. To live free and in your truth ~ to live a Sovereign life. My Passion: Working with women, mamas to be, new mamas, and mamas with young children. I also love sharing about the rhythms of the moon, Venus, women’s womb wisdom, and how to alchemize one’s energy. I Hold Vision: Weaving and sharing beauty with the world through the realms of the flowers. I hold vision of us all fully stepping into our higher selves and to truly know that our wildest and abundant dreams can be our reality.

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Tamara Montenegro

Tamara Works with Clients Online

Montréal, Canada

Self love and women’s empowerment 

I am a deep lover of Mother Nature and all the healing she can bring us. My journey started in my early twenties when I started to study herbalism and to connect with my intuition and divine wisdom. Ever since, I have started a deep healing journey and I have been amazed at all the ways Mother Nature can help us heal and guide us on our journey. I have been mesmerized by flower essences ever since they’ve crossed my path; many people I’ve told me I embody Fairy energy and I know in my Soul that’s why flower essences caught my attention. The practitioner program I’ve done with Woman Rising Mystery School was something my Soul was automatically drawn to, and I knew deep down it was a part of my purpose in life. Flower essences are a precious source of inner medicine that allowed my own expansion and it would be an absolute honour to guide you along yours too; to listen to your story and to create formulas that will soothe you and expand your own radiance. I offer sessions in French and in English, and I am also the owner of a natural beauty company in which I infuse my products with Mama Earth’s magic.

E18EFA42-5EA1-4257-B289-770C3C064011 - Krista Hope

Krista Hope

Krista Works with Clients Online

Kelowna, British Columbia

Women’s empowerment, entrepreneurship, emotional health, relationships, connection, purpose and flow

Krista combines empathy and empowerment with a holistic plan for her clients. She is an expert at helping clients realize their path and getting them to love the process of their journey with deep dives into habits, goals, mindsets and self exploration. Krista guides clients through understanding that they have all the necessary tools and potential to achieve their dreams within themselves already. She uses her background as a massage therapist and yoga teacher along with many many hours of self development work in her practice as a certified coach. Krista often uses the power of flower essences to help her clients uncover what’s holding them back and to help them feel what they need to feel on their journey. From Krista’s experience as a mom of two amazing kids and building a very successful real estate investment business with her husband – Krista has learned the intention, self-love and openness required to enjoy real wealth in a fulfilling partnership. Learn to love the journey and get in the mindset of gaining (and keeping) true prosperity with Krista’s help.

7C697033-2462-4911-8A8A-BCF99BB100F0 - Maria* Gomez

Maria C. Gomez

Maria C. Works with Clients Online

Forest Knolls, California

Embodiment, mothering, creativity, womb healing, relinking maiden, devotion.

Maria, Lover of Essence, mama of 3 suns, cosmic mate, artist, poet, dancer, psychologist, Ixcacao dakini, partnered with Gaia, to support embodiment of divinity.

PXL_20201021_175433977 - Diomira D'Agostino

Diomira Rose D’Agostino

Diomira Works with Clients Online

Afton, Virginia

Threshold guardian supporting women as they journey these sacred thresholds and self-initiate into their own power, magic and truth; supporting soul remembrance, healing timelines, integrating past lives and energetics, Faery, Elven & Otherworld Initiations and Allyship; Co-creative partnership and collaborative efforts with Gaia’s sacred Inner Realm guardians and dwellers. 

As a Keeper of New Avalon, Diomira offers transmissions of remembrance to awaken your own embodied reality of enchantment. Through mythic journeys, medicines of forest, flower and elemental alchemy, encoded stories and New Earth community Diomira co-creates experiences of collaborative partnership among the faery and human cohorts of Gaia to support your soul’s holy remembrance. She holds a BA in Modern Language and Culture: Spanish and Italian, is an ordained Healing Minister of Inner Quest Metaphysical Church, has authored and published two books in The Forest Speaks trilogy and is an initiated Dragon Rose Priestess in the Faery Magdalene lineage. Having devoted her life to Faery and Human partnership and promoting interspecies relations within the sacred realms of Gaia, much of her work has included traveling to sacred sites all over the world to offer land healings, interspecies reconciliations among Gaians, originating New Earth mythology and building energy structures and star temples within the New Earth. Located in the mountains of Virginia in the United States, New Avalon is a co-creative, multi-realm community anchored within the sacred ecology of New Earth.

Earth Belly Dance-075 - Rachel UnderTheDancingTree

Rachel Walker

Rachel Works with Clients In Person

North Wales, United Kingdom

Earth- Soul Dance (Flower Essences with Dance Healing and Movement Meditation) 

Rachel is founder of Under the Dancing Tree School of Sacred Dance and Healing, based in North Wales & Online and has been facilitating Women’s Empowerment and Healing workshops, classes, courses and training for over 15 years. Her dream is to awaken all women to their full potential and to return them to the deepest love and devotion to self. She does this through Sacred Dance (including Polynesian & Belly Dance), Dance Healing and Movement Meditation, Sacred Storytelling of Goddess Mythology, as well as Flower Essences!


Laura White

Laura Works with Clients Online and In Person

West Sussex, United Kingdom

Anxiety, sleeping difficulties, Women’s sexual health, womb trauma, childhood trauma, low self confidence and esteem.

Laura is the founder of Earth Queen Magick, guided by the Celtic Goddess Brighid to know that her soul’s purpose is to serve and support women to heal themselves, through connecting to the power and wisdom of Gaia. She supports Women to find, connect to and live their magick through providing a safe and sacred container to share what is deep in their hearts. She weaves in beautiful flower and tree essences, alongside Tarot and Oracle Card readings. Laura is also a Certified (ANFT) Forest Therapy Guide and holds individual and group sessions near her home in West Sussex, UK. She also runs online and in person sessions on Making and Creating with and in Nature, Writing, Women’s Menstrual Health and Sacred Women’s Circles.

5A516929-5542-4905-9C9B-BD30A5B7AD8C - Denise Zapata

Priya Dalmeet Kaur

Priya Works with Clients In Person

Upland, California

Flower Essence Practitioner, Feminine Energy, Women Health, Shakti School Certified, Crystal and Reiki Medicine, Mujer Medicina and Manifestation Wisdom

The whispers of my soul where heard. Working with women so that they too may hear their soul’s desires is my Dharma in this lifetime. Helping other women find their medicine within is my calling. I will walk beside you on your path to Re-Memberance. Holding the torch as you re-ignite your flame within. Opening the magickal doors to your mystical garden of bliss and ecstasy. We will tend to each flower, each seed, each tree. Nurturing you to Wholeness. Allowing the flowers and the trees to help heal old wounds. You will dance with the old stories and rise from the ashes anew. Birthing a new you and a new way of being. I can’t wait to sit under my Avocado tree, sharing the love stories of your heart. Sat Nam, Priya

We are delighted to sit in circle with you and walk as Womxn Rising.

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