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Beloved One, the time is now to Remember. In the midst of chaos, questioning and turmoil, we each must make commitments to Be a Voice for Change, Be a stand for Mother Earth’s thriving, be Servants of Humility and Justice, and be Beacons of Love. This is our sacred shared mission as we Rise as Awakening Womxn.

This heroic task of personal Remembering takes tremendous courage and layers and layers of support. It’s easy to fall into forgetting and default into old patterns and ways of being that keep you stuck and feeling separate from Self and Others. But when you consciously choose to walk the path of the Priestess, of the Medicine Woman, of Leader, truly connected to your embodied essence, the pathway to your Soul reveals and clarifies.

Maybe you have been hearing a whisper, a call, a yell from your intuition or from Spirit that for a brief moment quenches any dissatisfaction, overwhelm, fatigue, and tenderness you feel. And perhaps this is what is pulling you deeper to discover and embody your Magick, Destiny and sacred Mission here. A knowing that there is more to life than the status quo and what you have been conditioned to believe you are worthy to experience or receive.

As a Chalice of the Divine and embodiment of the Triple Flames of Love, when you enter our Sacred Gates, crossing life-altering Thresholds and sealing in your Visions, Commitments, and Devotions, you will come to Know Thyself. Through our programs, trainings, and pilgrimages, you are able to unearth ancient technologies and enliven them through your specific frequency and gift as a Mother, Lover, Teacher, Facilitator, Sacred Activist, Guide, Woman.

The Woman Rising Mystery School birthed itself through the yearnings of our students.

There was never an intention to create a School, rather the messages came through the veils steadily, with gentle nudges and then an invitation to create something significant and important for these times.

Steeped in Magic, Mystery and ritual, you will cross the veils from shadow to light, lovingly guided to the Mystical Truths and Wisdom that lie in your bones, your blood, and anchor into the spirals of your DNA.

It’s the Schooling most of us never received and are now searching for. A place to appease our minds that wish to learn ideas and thoughts and teachings while also committing to our paths of ritual and ceremony and art. Womxn join us from all over the world for our online programs + in-person retreats and pilgrimages, finding a Sanctuary to be received and to receive from.

A Mystery School by definition is an ancient school holding Wisdom Teachings that have been preserved for the benefit of humanity

These teachings are passed down through oral tradition from teacher to student in an unbroken lineage of physical initiation.

It is schooling of the Soul in which you are immersed in transformational and embodied experiences to “Know Thyself” and to understand your intimate relationship with the Heavens and the Earth, with all that is Divine and Holy.

Usually, what brings one onto this path or to specific teachings is an ignition in the Soul to understand the nature of things in a different way. Some students find us as they are wishing to stand in Service. Others are ready to activate their Dreams. And others seek guidance and exploration into healing after a traumatic life event. Every woman though, knows that there are sacred seeds that have been planted within her very cells, bones, tissues, heart, and wombspace that are ready to be awakened and the contents revealed.

The Woman Rising Mystery School is an infusion of many different lineages.

It holds the codes of the Grail and Rose Mysteries, the teachings of Shamanic Wisdom, the brilliance of Earth Wisdom and Plant Spirit Medicine (namely Flower Essences), the Magic of Above and Below, and the healing power of Womxn circling as Sisters.

Our students identify as Priestesses, dreamers, yogis, healers, Mamas, mystics, earth-lovers, Medicine Womxn, Witches, Wisdom keepers and seekers.

They are each learning to navigate the inner terrain of emotions and conditionings, each holding a deep prayer to remember. To step across a threshold and place their feet on the Priestess Path, the Medicine Woman Path, the Beauty Way Path.

We are a School. A Community.

A Vessel of the Sacred Feminine to Offer Love in the World.

A Place of Sacred Activism + Social Justice.

A Tending Space.

Our mission is to re-educate you.

The essence of the Woman Rising Mystery School is to greet you and guide you on this short and precious Earthwalk. Mystical grids are changing and offering greater avenues of Connection and Communion. As you choose out of separation and isolation, you are able to find your place of belonging. And be seen, witnessed and celebrated.

Through experiential embodiment and informational knowledge, steeped in the currents of the Sun, Moon, Venus and Sirius, the Earth, and Celestial energies, you will come HOME. Anchored into Heaven and Earth, you can reimagine your life and believe that you are capable of more than you can possibly imagine.

Our School is Living and Breathing. It’s informed by what students are yearning and praying for. And it is clarifying as the womxn coming through our Temple Gates are strengthening in their resolve and desire to truly Live as Self, for the Greatest Good of All.

Guardians of the
Woman Rising Mystery School

The Woman Rising Mystery School is supported by incredible Womxn, each showing up to catalyze the gifts within this School to be delivered into the World with Devotion and Grace.


Mariana Schulze

Creative Director Guardian

Mariana works closely with Ameya to bring all of the visions to life. Through her photography, creative expression and Soulful presence, she supports and oversees the programs and trainings of the Woman Rising Mystery School as well as Gaia’s Wisdom Flower Essences.


Jo Bell Cummings, Karuna Nicole, and Ullasita Rose Devi

Flower Essence Training Guardians

These 3 phenomenal womxn, deeply devoted to Flower Essences, support the Woman Rising Flower Essence Practitioner Training Program and the Continuing Education that is offered thereafter. They are pillars of support for all of our Practitioners, making sure each student has her needs met. They are also stewarding our Flower Essence Relief Services which offers Flower Essence sessions to those in need, for free.

A portion of Tuition for all programs is offered to:

~ Black Urban Growers

~ Save the Children

 ~ Rainforest Action Network

We are delighted to have you with us
and walk together as Womxn Rising.

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