About Ameya

It’s so lovely to be with you.

I have felt your presence in our sacred community for some time.

It is hard to put it into words. But I always see a red thread that is tucked into the Womb of our Mystery School, traveling out to reach you. When it gets to you, it lands in tender spots, and pulls you on your Destined Pathway where you can come and sit with us in Sacred Sisterhood, to experience what it is you long for. I have this vision almost daily.

I feel you and so many of us as womxn yearning for deep connection.

I feel the courage that it takes to free yourself of “supposed-tos” and “shoulds” to find your Truth and your Golden Compass. I feel your relief of hearing the Great Mystery call to you and allowing her to take up residence inside of you.

And I feel the Divine whispering to you over and over, gifting you synchronistic moments repeatedly until you finally make a connection about who you are and why you are here.

Just FYI….I’m a very feeling person which you will find out as you get to know me. I feel A LOT. I cry easily and love laughing, especially those full belly laughs.

I know you are on a Pilgrimage of your Soul.

That you are using your past (as maiden, as mother or as crone) to guide you in embodying your medicine and your wisdom.

That all that you have experienced will alchemize into your purpose, passion, and legacy.

I know this because we are sisters.

We might have different versions of our life story, but at our core, there are things we have in common. The desire to LOVE. The desire to impact change in the world. The desire to truly understand Self. The desire to heal and repair and be free. The desire to offer all of our resources and privileges to those in need.

We want to step out of the matrix of what we see around us and create a thriving and sustainable way to live in the world. And it starts from within.

Yes, we are in this together.

Our paths might diverge at times.
But they will always come back together.

Why? Because we are seeking the same.

The Holy Grail of all Truths.
Our Remembrance.

My story has lots of ins and outs.

How to convey this through words? Yes, I can list out all that has gotten me here. I can show you pictures of a 9 year old whose life changed through divorce and grief. Or share stories of the young maiden who began to turn inward so as to “fit in” and ignore her own body, power, and sexuality. I can tell tales of how my body suffered from menstrual health issues and coped with the emotional patterns that were created. I can share my story of Lyme and co-infection, toxicity, and other health issues. I can share tales of relationships that were abusive or choices I made that fed into my wounds.

And I know all of that is worth telling. I know because womxn connect through our wounds. But how can words convey the depth of hurt and pain other than to say I have been there.

What I most want to say is that I am here.
With you.

Navigating the terrain of this world, questing for something deeper and finding it. In the Mystery. Through the Gateways of teachings. Through the Unseen. Through the Earth, Sun, and Moon. Yes, it is possible to find it all in this expanse of the Web of Life we are a part of.

And if for a moment, you see yourself in me, then there is a connection. There is a space for you to grab hold of your greatest expression of who you are and why you came to be at this time on Earth.

I am a Mama. I am a Partner. I am a teacher.

I am a friend. An activist. A seeker of my Soul.

I am comfortable in my own quiet.

I love community and the embrace of Beloveds.

I love having my hands in the earth. Being called to a plant and hearing her great wisdom.

I love sitting in circle with other women. Either for my own healing and desire to be heard. Or getting to be a sacred reflection for another woman and all that she is holding.

I am a Lover of Truth. Those big moments that happen for us all and that move us into a deeper understanding of self and the world.

I am multi-faceted. A true Gemini. Always wanting to dance in the many layers and choices.

I have been blessed to study with extraordinary teachers and I honor the Lineages that I have been initiated into.  To David Dalton for tenderly and fiercely bringing me back into my body while teaching me the epicness of Flower Essences. To Damini Celebre for opening my being to the unseen and inviting me on the most magical journey of Shamanism. To the plants and trees and Gaia for given me back my life, for healing and repairing what I thought would be lost forever.

And to the sacred lands of Avalon and the Rose Path. No words can ever touch into my Devotions and Love. Thank you for walking me HOME.

And of course to my parents and family, birth and chosen.
To my partner Zat and our son Ocean Poet.

I am delighted to sit in circle with you and walk as Womxn Rising.

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